We plan every wedding with our complete involvement and dedication. Because every wedding is important. Planning or arranging a destination wedding requires expert assistance and organization. It can be quite a daunting thing to take off all on your own. We offer a range of complete wedding planning services to deliver a one-of-a-kind wedding, whether you are planning an intimate gathering or a big fat Indian wedding! Our complete wedding planning service takes care of each and every aspect of wedding planning and hand holds you through the entire process. From catering, to venue selection, menu selection, décor, stationary, music, the journey. We would love to be a part of all aspects of your wedding planning process, assisting you in micromanagement throughout the complete duration of planning. Our professional expertise and long experience in the field of carrying out successful weddings has led us to a complete understanding of the complexities in carrying out a wedding. We hire professional photographers, makeup artists, trousseau experts and everything else which you would need. We aim to make your wedding memorable!

  • Budgeting
  • Mehndi Artist
  • Venue Booking
  • Hair Styling & Makeup
  • Wedding Invitations & Stationery
  • Entertainment
  • F&B/Catering
  • Sounds & Lights
  • Hospitality & Guest Management
  • Creative Photography & Videography
  • Wedding Decor & Floral Concepts
  • Transportation


Birthdays are the most anticipated events that come every year to add to glory to your memories and bundles to your albums. Whatever age you may step into, is a new experience and you must never fail in your attempts to celebrate the event of life. Whether you want to organise your birthday in a small stature or as a grand event, individual care and professional management are the essential ingredients which will make your birthday a grand success. With a close understanding of all the essential things that need to be put together to carry out a birthday party loaded with fun and frolic and accompanied by tons of smiles, we offer you the best services to bring a smile in everyone’s faces.

From theme parties, to fun activities and excellent food, we do it all. Because as they say, First Birthdays are the most special events of your life and then again life begins at thirties. But then you should celebrate experience and celebrate your fifties as well shouldn’t you?

Theme Party

Are you willing to surprise your dear ones with a grand theme party? The best thing about a theme party is that it can be arranged for any occasion. You could plan a theme party for a birthday, for homecoming, for an anniversary, for a rice ceremony, a cocktail party and much more. There are no limits to a theme party. Whether you want to surprise someone or entertain your guests, one thing is certain that you need professional help to carry out any large or theme party event. That is where CDG comes in. We take our time to exactly understand what kind of theme you are aiming to bring live and then set about to work on it.

We do extensive research and planning about the theme on which you want to throw a party on and then carry our plans accordingly. We cater your all types of requirements for arranging a theme parties. We have a team of well experienced professionals who produce make every theme party different from other as you want.

Corporate Event

Every event has its own distinct audience, tone, personality, and set of objectives. From small meetings to large corporate galas, CDG ensures that each corporate event is fulfilled to set the tone straight for your purpose. We understand a company's unique brand and identifying their target audience, our team designs an event concept and coordinates all technical aspects before the event begins. Whether you need help planning a conference, corporate luncheon, team-building event, award dinner, or holiday party, we can expertly create and execute any event to fit your vision and needs. Because a brand image is so important, and we understand that you can rely on us for full support, coordination and successful delivery.

Other Services

We provide a host of other services as well to help you prepare and arrange any kind of special events. Some of them are -

  • Condolences - We provide a little help to be part of your sad times. We arrange condolences to help the departing souls a means to part away.
  • Rice ceremony - It's time for your little one to eat rice for the first time. It is time for them to meet new people, deck up in beautiful clothes and receive lots and lots of gifts. Make this event special with CDG
  • Honeymoon Packages - Make a beautiful start to a lifelong journey with exclusive CDG Honeymoon packages.
  • Catering and Decoration - Any small or big event where you need the best catering and decoration services, we provide the best offerings.
  • Anniversary - Every year in a marriage is a beautiful journey you have travelled together. Celebrate it with us.
  • Festival Party - Whatever be the occasion, on the event of any festival all family and friends come together to celebrate the occasion. We ensure that the true spirit of the festival is maintained to make the festival unique.
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